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Clash of Clans Battle Builders Guide

In the Clash of Clans game, the official announcement of Town Hall (TH14) has been made by Supercell which is going to go live soon. Along with the new town hall, the levels of buildings and troops have also been increased and some new items have also been added along with it. This article gives full details of the upcoming Battle Builders with the update of TH14.

Builder Huts Defend the Base

Battle Builders, Clash of Clans
(Image source: Clash of Clans)

Battle Builders will be unlocked only on TH14. The name of the battle builders itself suggests that now the builder will also battle, but this is not true. On upgrading builder huts, it will work to defend the base. Whenever there is an attack on the base of TH14, then these builder huts will damage the enemy troops with arrows.

Builders Repair the Buildings

When the builder Huts becomes defensive when an attack occurs on the base, the builder will come out of it and repair the building attacked by the enemy troops, due to which damaged buildings will be repaired but the repair rate will be lower than the attack rate of the troops.

Defensive Builder Hut Levels

The range of Defensive Builder Huts will be 6 tiles and it will hit any single target.

  • Level = 2 (Hitpoints – 1000, Upgrade Time – 10 Days, Upgrade Cost – 9.5M Gold, Damage per Second – 80, Repair per Second – 50)
  • Level = 3 (Hitpoints – 1300, Upgrade Time – 12 Days, Upgrade Cost – 12.5M Gold, Damage per Second – 100, Repair per Second – 55)
  • Level = 4 (Hitpoints – 1600, Upgrade Time – 14 Days, Upgrade Cost – 15.5M Gold, Damage per Second – 120, Repair per Second – 60)

New Achievement

On destroying the defensive builder huts, some gems will be given as an achievement, which is as follows.

  • 25 Huts – 10 Gems
  • 250 Huts – 30 Gems
  • 2500 – 100 Gems

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