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Clash of Clans: Hero Pets Guide

Clash of Clans has announced Hero Pets for TH14. These Hero Pets will be unlocked only on TH14. Clash of Clans showed an Owl in the video of the Hammer Jam event and seeing this Owl, everyone felt that it could be a new troupe but now the mystery of these animals has been revealed.

You can also consider Hero Pets as a kind of troop because these pets go to battle with Heroes and will also help Heroes in the battle. With the help of these pets, your attacks will become even more powerful and these pets will also be helpful in building new strategies in the game.

Pet House

Pet House, Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans

When you upgrade your TH13 to TH14, a brand new building will be unlocked which will be Pet House. As soon as you unlock the Pet House, you will also have access to all the pets and these pets include L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn. The special thing about pets is that you can use all these pets with any hero.

Pet House Levels

Level = 1 (Hitpoints – 700, Upgrade Time – 13 Days, Upgrade Cost – 15M Elixir, Unlocks – L.A.S.S.I)

Level = 2 (Hitpoints – 800, Upgrade Time – 15 Days, Upgrade Cost – 17.5M Elixir, Unlocks – Electro Owl)

Level = 3 (Hitpoints – 900, Upgrade Time – 17 Days, Upgrade Cost – 18.5M Elixir, Unlocks – Mighty Yak)

Level = 4 (Hitpoints – 1000, Upgrade Time – 19 Days, Upgrade Cost – 19.5M Elixir, Unlocks – Unicorn)

Hero Pets

Pets are now ready to support our 4 heroes because these 4 pets have their different abilities. The ability makes pets powerful during the battle, due to which they can do the job of backup the heroes well.

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Like other troops and heroes, you can upgrade pets as well, which currently have a maximum level of 10 and pets will be upgraded to the Pet House instead of the library.

L.A.S.S.I (High Jumper)

L.A.S.S.I is a pup who jumps over the walls and attacks the nearby buildings with strong jaws. It looks more like a pet of a P.E.K.K.A than a pet of a hero.

(Favorite Target – any nearby hero within 2.5 tiles, Damage – Single Ground Target, Movement Speed – 32)

Electro Owl (High Voltage)

The name of Electro Owl suggests it self that it attacks with electric current and its attack is also similar to Electric Dragon and Super Wizard.

(Favorite Target – Hero’s Target, Damage – Single Ground and Air Target, Movement Speed – 20)

Mighty Yak (Wall Buster)

Of all the pets, Mighty Yak has the highest hit point and its ability damages the walls and Mighty Yak make a funnel for his hero just like a tank.

(Favorite Target – any nearby hero within 7 tiles, Damage – Single Ground Target, Movement Speed – 24)

Unicorn (Personal Healer)

Unicorn is a cute-looking pet and its job is to heal the hero. Unicorn will work in the same way that Healers do. However, its healing power is not that much strong due to which it cannot be used to Queen walk using Unicorn only.

(Favorite Target – Hero, Heal – Single Ground and Air Target, Movement Speed – 16)

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