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Devil Amongst Us: Indian Among Us Review

Among Us is a popular game available for mobile and PC. When a game becomes very famous, it starts becoming clones of that game and the same has happened with Among Us games. Although many clones of Among Us game have been released, but today we will review the Indian clone of this game named Devil Amongst Us which is similar to the original game.

Devil Amongst Us is an Indian game because this game has been developed by an Indian game development company June Gaming. The size of this game is 86 MB, currently, the game is rated 4 stars on Google Playstore and so far this game has been downloaded 10k + times.

It is an online game that can play 4 to 10 people simultaneously. The game is completely inspired by Among Us and while playing this game, you will get the feeling that you are playing the Among Us game.

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In a match of 10 players of the game, 8 players are silly whose work is to complete the given different task and the remaining 2 are devils whose only task is to kill the silly players. If the silly team completes all the given tasks in the game or finds the devil present in the game then the silly team will win and if the devil kills the entire silly team then the devil’s team will win.

Due to being new, the amount of players in the game is slightly less, but with time this problem will also be solved. This game cannot replace Among Us but can provide a similar experience due to a lack of uniqueness.

In the process of creating the perfect clone, the developers forgot to add new and unique features to the game and this will affect the game’s player base because any players from Among us will come into this game only when they see something unique in this game.

You can download Devil Amongst Us game from Google Playstore.

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