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PUBG Mobile Lite New 0.22.0 Update Release Date

Constant updates are coming in the PUBG Mobile Lite game, but if seen, there has not been any major update for the last 6 months, which we can consider a big update but now this story is going to change with the upcoming 0.22.0 update of the game.

There is one thing in PUBG Mobile updates that we can notice and that is the order of updates. Whenever any new content comes, it first comes in the Chinese version of the game which is Game for Peace, sometime after that the update comes in the global version of PUBG Mobile, and then the same update also comes in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Keeping in mind the orders of updates, it seems that the next update of PUBG Mobile Lite can come on 10 or 15 May.

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Currently, there is no official confirmation as to what will be coming in the game’s upcoming update, but rumors suggest that any one of Karakin and Miramar maps may have been added to the game’s upcoming update because both of these maps are related to summer.

Desert can be seen in both these maps, but in terms of size, the size of Karakin map is a little smaller which will fit easily in PUBG Mobile Lite and on the other hand, the size of Miramar Map is much larger and if the Miramar map comes in the next update, then it can also increase the size of the game.

The second anniversary of PUBG Mobile Lite is also coming and it is possible that on that particular occasion we get to see a big update in the game.

If you have to be updated about the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile Lite, then you have to keep your eyes on the beta version of the game as the update comes in the beta version of the game first, and then a few days later the update comes in the global version as well.

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