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SICO: Armoury and Vanam Map Revealed

Regular updates about the development of the game keep coming from the developer of the SICO game and recently the developers have also revealed the video of Armory and Vanam map.

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If you like to play shooting games, then the Armory video of SICO game will make your heart happy and the different skin of guns is also shown in this video. However, in this video, lots of details are also seen apart from the load-out and skin of the guns.

Looking at the video footage, there is no doubt how the graphics of the game will be because this footage shows that the graphics of the game will be promising. It is also not that there is no fault in the game at the moment, if you look at the footage carefully, it is clear that the flash of the gun is not very good, although at the moment the game is under development and it is possible that the issue is resolved by the developers before the game is released.


In the load-out of guns, guns of different categories like pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle are seen, which makes it clear that you will get a good variety of guns in the game.

If we talk about the skin of guns, then the video clip currently shows the skins of 4 guns, which include the pattern M4A1, Circuit AKM, Madhubani AKM, and Warli Dp28.

Vanam Map

Vanam means jungle, meaning this Vanam Map of the game will be based on the jungle. A combination of water, grass, forest, pool, and land is seen in Vanam map. The developers have focused very well on the detailing of the map and it seems that this game can become the best graphics mobile game in India.

The visual of the Vanam map shown in this video is very stunning and at the moment it seems that SICO game will be able to compete with other games of the category in terms of graphics.

After FAU-G, gamers are now eagerly waiting for the SICO game, but there is no confirmation as to how long the wait will last as the developers have not given any information about the game’s release date or even the beta test.

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