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Army of the Dead Movie Review

Army of the Dead
Photo Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

Zack Snyder is the same director who made the 4-hour Justice League film and people were eagerly waiting for that film. Now another film of the same director, Army of the Dead has been released on Netflix. WWE’s popular wrestler Dave Bautista is in the lead role of this movie.

An interesting fact about this movie is that this movie was announced in the year 2007 but after some issues, the movie was not released but then Netflix bought the rights to this movie, and now after 12 years finally the movie is released.

Zack Snyder has done the job of directing this movie and he has written the story of the movie as well as the screenplay. Zack Snyder has done almost all the work to make this movie.

If we talk about the story of the movie, Dave Bautista and his team enter the city of Las Vegas but the city is occupied by zombies. Dave Bautista has to come back with a lot of money kept in the basement of a big hotel while avoiding these zombies. If the plot of the movie is to be defined in short, then it is a combination of zombie movie and money heist.

However, the story of this movie is also similar to other zombie movies, ie if you have seen a zombie movie, then you will not find this movie very different from it. The zombies in this movie are a bit smart, that is, they can think themselves and along with that they can do some other things that you will have to watch the movie to know.

This movie is 2h 28m long but it takes a little time for character development at the start which is a good thing. Even though you do not remember the name of the characters present in the movie, but by their behavior you will definitely remember those characters. In the film, there will be a fight between zombies and humans, in which some humans and a lot of zombies will die and after that, the movie will end.

This movie has a lot of characters and almost all had good performances but Dave Bautista and Matthias Schweigh√∂fer’s performance was extraordinary.

Being made under the direction of Zack Snyder, this movie has two strong elements, which is strong action and slow motion. This is an 18+ movie, due to which the action of the movie is of the next level and along with it, bloodshed has also been put in plenty. The movie has been released directly on Netflix, due to which it has not been much censored and this is the reason that there are some scenes in this movie that you do not like to watch sitting with your family.

Overall Army of the Dead is a good film which is a combo of good direction, over-the-top action, a little twist, and good acting. If you like watching action films, then you will definitely like the film.

How much would you rate this movie?

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