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Clash of Clans World Championship 2021: Everything You Need to Know About

Clash of Clans World Championship 2021 has been announced and recently a new button has also been added to the Clash of Clans game on the same event, which is the tournament hub button.

The complete information about how the game’s World Championship 2021 is going to be and how you can participate in this championship is described in this article.

3 Phases

COC’s next world championship is going to be held in three phases.

  1. 6 Monthly Seasons
  2. Last Chance Qualifier
  3. World Finals

1. 6 Monthly Seasons

The first phase 6 Monthly Seasons has also been divided into three parts.

  • CWL (Champ 1-3)
  • Monthly Pre Qualifiers
  • Monthly Qualifiers

CWL (Champ 1-3): Your clan will have to finish Champion 1 to 3 in CWL, after that you will be eligible for monthly pre-qualifier.

Monthly Pre Qualifiers: In the second part, those clans who have cleared the CWL will be able to take part. Monthly Pre Qualifiers will have single-elimination rounds, ie if 1000 teams participate in Monthly Pre Qualifiers, then elimination of all those teams will continue until the top 6 teams are revealed and all the other teams will be eliminated. The top 6 teams remaining in the second phase will qualify for the Monthly Qualifiers.

Monthly Qualifiers: In the third phase, the fight of the top 6 teams will be for the Golden Ticket and Silver Ticket. If a team wins the Golden Ticket, then the place of that team will be directly finalized in the world championship and the runner-up team that comes in the second number will get the Silver Ticket, and the team that gets the Silver Ticket will qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier.

2. Last Chance Qualifier

In the Last Chance Qualifier, the total of 10 teams will play, of which 6 teams will be the ones who have got the silver ticket and the remaining 4 teams will be wild card entries who will have been selected through voting.

In the Last Chance Qualifier, 2 teams will get a Golden Ticket, and that two teams will qualify for the World Championship. At the World Championship, the total of 8 teams will play, of which 6 teams will be the ones who won the Monthly Qualifiers and the 2 teams will be the ones who won the Last Chance Qualifier.

3. World Finals

Total 8 teams will play in the World Finals, whose aim is to win $ 1 million and the title of champions. At present, the official date of World Finals has not been revealed.

How to Participate?

To participate in the Clash of Clans World Championship 2021, you will get to see the section of the tournament hub in the game itself, with the help of which you can participate in the championship. Currently, registration has started and they will be closed very soon.

For more information related to the World Championship 2021, you can visit the official website.

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