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Marvel Studios’ Eternals Official Trailer Breakdown

Marvel Studios’ Eternals
Courtesy Marvel Entertainment

Marvel has suddenly released the official trailer of their upcoming film Eternals. If you want to know everything about this trailer, then this trailer breakdown is for you.

Top Cast

  • Makkari – Lauren Ridloff
  • Gilgamesh – Ma Dong-seok
  • Thena – Angelina Jolie
  • Ikaris – Richard Madden
  • Ajak – Salma Hayek
  • Sersi – Gemma Chan
  • Sprite – Lia McHugh
  • Phastos – Brian Tyree Henry
  • Kingo – Kumail Nanjiani
  • Druig – Barry Keoghan
  • Kit Harington – Dane Whitman
  • Harish Patel – Karun

Story and Plot

It is told at the beginning of the trailer that the Eternals had come to the pre-historic earth and they have taught a lot of things to the human race and helped them a lot but for some reason, they went back from the earth.

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However, the reason for his return from the earth was not given. After leaving Humans alone, a lot of war and fighting took place on earth, and then there was a period when the Super-Heroes AKA Avengers came on the earth. Along with humans, Avengers also fought against the evil forces, but no one knew where the Eternals were at that time but suddenly the Eternals once again come to earth.

Humans, Eternals, and Deviant Species

According to the comic book, there were 3 types of species on earth, including Humans, Eternals, and Deviant. We have already seen the story of Humans because we are humans ourselves, but now through this film, we will be told about the other 2 species Eternals and Deviant. In this film, we will be shown that there was a fight between Eternals and Deviant in the ancient age, and apart from this, what happened to them and why they came to earth will also be shown.

Indian References

The trailer also features Indian references and Indian scenes, the first of which depicts Ikaris and Sersi’s Indian wedding in the Indian scene, and the second scene depicts Kingo dancing. These scenes and references from India have been inserted in the film keeping in mind the Indian audience, for which Indian and Pakistani actors have also been included in the film.

Avengers Reference

The endings of the trailer also feature a reference to the Avengers, in which Sprite asks to the other Eternals that who will now lead the Avengers after Iron Man and Captain America, to which Ikaris jokingly replies that he will lead the Avengers.

Eternals Release Date

This is a good trailer, but after this, the main trailer will come, which may also show us young Thanos. The release date of the film Eternals has been revealed, according to which the film will be released on November 5th.

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