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Stranger Things 4 Eleven Are You Listening Trailer Breakdown

The official teaser of Stranger Things 4 Eleven Are You Listening has been released. The voice heard in the trailer is of Doctor Martin. However, even before this official teaser, a teaser was released titled HNL Control Room. HNL’s full name is Hawkins National Laboratory and looking in the trailer, it seems that the condition of that laboratory is not at all good.

Even before the arrival of Eleven, there has been a lot of bad things that happened in HNL and this teaser gives us a hint of those things. In the trailer description, we see 2 numbers which are 002 and 004 i.e. in season 4 of Stranger Things we can be shown the story of number 002 and 004 exactly like subject Eleven and both these characters can also have special powers like Eleven and Kali.

In the teaser, we see some older children along with younger ones and after that we hear the voice of Doctor Martin who goes to the room where all the children have been kept. The children in the room calls Doctor Martin as papa instead of doctor. Doctor Martin tells the children that today they have some special for all children, but what is special, no information has been disclosed.

At the end of the teaser, we are shown a room with 11 written on it and Eleven is placed in that room. At the end of the teaser, we are shown a scene in which Eleven has opened her eyes and it may be that all this event will be of the current time line and Eleven is seeing these visions of her past in the current timeline.

Right now Millie Bobby Brown has grown up in age and if Netflix has to show Eleven’s past story in season 4, they will need de-aging technology which can increase the budget of season 4 and that’s why Maybe it is possible that Eleven is watching the visuals of her past in the current timeline itself.

According to rumors, Kali will also be seen in season 4, although it has no official confirmation. The interesting thing to see in Season 4 will be that which subject did the bad condition of HNL Lab. According to the writer, season 4 is not the last season of the series, ie this series is going to be long. According to rumors, Stranger Things 4 will have a total of 9 episodes and season 4 may be released later this year.

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