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Brawl Stars: Season 7 Jurrasic Splash Everything You Need to Know

If you play Brawl Stars game then the next season of the game will be no less than a Jurrasic Park for you. Finally the upcoming season 7 of the game has been officially announced and the name of this season has also been revealed which is Jurrasic Splash.

If you closely follow the news related to the game, then you will know that the features coming in the game are highlighted through Brawl Talks on the official Youtube channel of Brawl Stars. In a recent episode of Brawl Talks, Brawl Stars’ new community managers Paula and Dani spoke about new features coming in the upcoming season 7 of the game.

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A combination of Jurrasic and Summer will be seen in the theme of Season 7. If we talk about the upcoming features in the game, then in season 7 new brawlers, new skins, new gadgets, and new game modes will be added.


This feature is the most important feature of this patch note as most of the players enjoy testing new brawlers the most. With the Jurrasic Splash, 2 brand new brawlers will be introduced which includes Buzz and Griff.

Buzz (Chromatic Brawler)

Buzz (Chromatic Brawler)

Buzz is a chromatic brawler and according to the story, Buzz is the lifeguard of a waterpark. Talking about the ability of the Buzz, the Buzz is a short-range brawler that throws punches. When you use Buzz’s super ability, he throws the life buoy and then drags itself along with the life buoy. You can get Buzz through Brawl Pass.

Griff (Epic Brawler)

Griff (Epic Brawler)

Griff is an epic brawler and Griff is a greedy brawler. If we talk about Griff’s ability, then he attacks using tips in which he tosses 9 coins which spread and hit the anime. When you use Griff’s super ability, he will throw 5 banknotes whose edges will be very sharp. You can buy Griff from the shop or you can also get this brawler in the brawl box.

Game Modes

In the summer season, you will get to see 3 new game modes, which you will like very much.

Volley Brawl

Volley Brawl

This is an interesting mode in which if your opponent team will hits the volleyball on the ground of your court then the opponent team’s score will increase and to win you have to do the exact opposite.

Basket Brawl

Basket Brawl

The name of this mode itself suggests what is going to happen in this mode. In this mode you have to throw the ball in a movable basket which will not be easy at all.

Hold the trophy

Hold the trophy

By the name of this mode, you must have got an idea that what type of mode is going to be. Actually, to win in this mode, your team has to hold the trophy for as long as possible, the team that will be successful in this task will win the match.

On the demand of players, now Knockout mode has been made permanent in the game.


Talking about gadgets, the latest patch note includes a total of 10 gadgets that will be part of the game in the upcoming update.

Mapmaker mode

Brawl Stars Mapmaker mode

5 brand new tiles are about to make their place in Mapmaker mode.

  • Heal Tile
  • Slow Tile
  • Speed Tile
  • Spike Tile
  • Gas Tile


Brawl Stars Skins

If we talk about skins, then in the coming update you will get a complete treasure trove of skins, in which total 30 skins have been included.

  • Born Bad Buzz
  • Surfer Carl
  • Dino Leon
  • Beachtime Mortis
  • Coco Rosa
  • Jetski Jacky
  • Whalewatch Nina
  • Burger Lou
  • Hermes Max
  • Megabox Darryl
  • Trash Poco
  • Wicked Stu
  • Vicious Bibi
  • Gold Colt
  • Silver Colt
  • Gold Mr. P
  • Silver Mr. P
  • Boca Juniors Shelly
  • America Shelly
  • U De Chile Shelly
  • El Primo Universitario
  • El Primo Club Nacional
  • El Primo Corinthians
  • Atl. Nacional Colt
  • Cerro Porteno Colt
  • River Plate Colt
  • Club America Colt
  • LDU Quito Mike
  • Flamengo Mike
  • Chivas Mike

Brawl Stars Season 7 Jurrasic Splash Release Date

The release date of Brawl Stars Season 7 Jurrasic Splash has been revealed, according to which Season 7 of Brawl Stars will release on 21st June.

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