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BGMI 1.6 Update: Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle May Come

BGMI‘s previous update was 1.5 and it was a great update but today we are going to talk about the upcoming 1.6 update of the game. In today’s article, we will give you information about the new sniper rifle Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle that is likely to come to the upcoming update of the game.

Actually, we have also written an article earlier about the BGMI 1.6 update, in which we have told what we can expect in the upcoming update of the game. If you want to read that article, then you can read from the link given below.

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The Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle can be seen in the upcoming update 1.6 of BGMI. Actually, this gun came in PUBG PC in the month of May and according to the latest theory, now we can get to see this gun on mobile version also. However, this gun will not be available on all maps as this gun is exclusive to Miramar only.

Lynx AMR is an automatic sniper rifle. This sniper rifle will not replace any other sniper rifle i.e. it will be a totally additional sniper rifle. The Lynx AMR is a 50 caliber sniper rifle and its damage is tremendous. You can knock out an enemy with just one bullet.

Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle
Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle

This sniper rifle is so powerful that with its help you can easily shoot even players sitting in BRDM, that is, its penetration is tremendous and this sniper rifle can also penetrate BRDM. You will also be able to detach the scope of this rifle. But like the plus point, the minus point of this gun is also present.

You won’t find the Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle’s ammo anywhere, and you can’t even drop it if you have it. You will get this gun only from the drop and will come with only 5 ammo.

Although at the moment it is not officially confirmed that Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle will come in the 1.6 update of BGMI, but according to a theory, everything that comes in PUBG PC will come in PUBG Mobile and BGMI after some time and at present, except Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle, we get to see all other guns in BGMI, so there is a high chance that we can get to see Lynx AMR Sniper Rifle in BGMI 1.6 update.

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