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How to Complete Race to Ace Event in Free Fire?

McLaren’s event at Free Fire is finally set to begin today, July 23. In this article, we will show you how to complete the Race to Ace event at McLaren’s event.

How to Complete Ace to Race Event?

Today is the day you have been waiting for because today you will be able to play Race to Ace, the first mission of the event.


On completing this event, you will get the rewards listed below.

1 Green McLaren Car Skin

2 Token

3 Weapon Voucher

4 AKM Gun Crate

Along with these rewards, starting today you will be able to grab maximum 10 tokens daily with “Aftermatch Drop in All Modes”.

Race to Ace Event

It is easy to complete this event.

Accelerate Your Car

Garena Free Fire 1

you have to go to the Race to Ace event and there you will see a green McLaren car driving on the track, below you will see the Accelerate button, by clicking on which you have to accelerate the car. As you accelerate, the speed of the car will increase and you will get rewards. You have to accelerate the speed of the car to complete the event.

You can also use Team Power to boost the speed, for which you can add any of your 4 friends and make a team and complete this event quickly.

Garena Free Fire 2

You’ll need flag tokens to accelerate the car, and you’ll need to do daily missions to get flag tokens. As soon as you complete the daily mission, you will get flag tokens and with the help of that flag token you have to keep on accelerating the speed of the car.

To complete the mission, you have to complete 5 laps i.e. when your car completes 5 laps then your mission will be completed. You will get rewards as your car completes the lap.

To complete this mission fast, you have to go on completing the daily mission and collect flag tokens and with the help of that token, you have to accelerate the car, as soon as the speed of the car increases, the car quickly completes the lap. And if all the laps are completed quickly then you will get all the rewards quickly and the Race to Ace event will also be completed quickly.

What is Price as Low as 1 Diamond?

As soon as you open the game, a banner will appear in front of you in which it will be written “price as low as 1 diamond”. In this event you will be able to buy things with just 1 diamond. Actually, by spinning this lucky spin, you will get some store discount, 99 diamonds, and one such diamond as a reward, with the help of which you can buy anything with just this one diamond. It depends on your luck which of the rewards you get mentioned above.

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