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How to Download Among Us Submerged Map

If you are a regular player of Among Us and got bored of playing the current maps in the game, then there is a good news for you because very soon you may get to see a new map in the Among Us game called Submerged. After space and air, now you are going to dive in water too because Submerged map is going to be based on Submarine.

We can also call the submerged map a custom map and in this map, you also get to see the first floor and the second floor. If we say clearly, then you have never seen this type of map before in the Among Us game.

Among Us Submerged Map Information

You will be surprised to know that the Submerged map is not made by the maker of Among Us i.e. Innersloth LLC, but this map has been made by a YouTuber whose channel name is 5up. If you go to the 5up YouTube channel, then you will also get to see a trailer of Submerged Map. It is surprising that this trailer of Submerged map has been viewed by more than 2 million people and what is even more surprising is that Innersloth LLC itself commented on that video and wrote Exiting!!.

It’s a big deal that Innersloth LLC itself is showing interest in this map. Looking at the reaction of the Innersloth LLC company on the video, it seems that Innersloth LLC has been impressed by this map and it is possible that the company may also buy the submerged map from 5up.

Submerged Map Tour

In this trailer of the map, you will see 2 floors clearly and you can go to both these floors. With the help of lift you can go to first floor and second floor. Most of the people like to be an imposter rather than a crew member because when people play as a crew member, sometimes they get bored but it will not happen with Submerged. Actually, there are many good tasks to be seen in the Submerged map, which you do not get to see in the current map in the game.

The task has been made very awesome in the submerged map, due to which even if you play as a crew member, your chances of getting bored are very less. There is no doubt that 5up has put a lot of effort into creating and setting up the task. The normal map has a cover on the vent, but in this map there are many vents which are not covered and if the imposter uses such vents then they can be easily visible to the crew members.

How to Download Among Us Submerged Map

If you want to download this map, let us tell you that currently, the Submerged map is not available for mobile, that is, you will be able to run this map only in the PC version.

If you want to download this submerged map, then you will have to contact the creator of this map i.e. 5up. To get the map, you can email to 5up, you will get to see 5up’s email address on their official social media handles.

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