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IGI 3 Origins Latest Updates

The official trailer of the IGI 3 Origins game was released on 6 November 2019, almost a year and six months have passed since the official trailer of the game was released, but no details about the game or development have come out.

Even in E3 no news or information related to the game was given, so many questions are arising in the minds of the fans. Why is there no update about this game? How far has the development of this game reached? When will this game be released? We have covered the answers to all these questions of yours in this article.

The work of developing the IGI 3 Origins game is being done by a game development company named AntiMatter Games. Recently, a video has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of AntiMatter Games, in which all the details related to the development of the game have been revealed.

According to the AntiMatter Games studio, the development of the IGI 3 game is progressing very well. A lot of development information has been covered with the first development update video and according to the studio, many videos related to development will keep coming to the future.

Why is there no update about this IGI 3 game?

The studio is working very hard to make this game and the development of the game is going very smoothly. At present, there is a small team working at AntiMatter Games studio, and at the same time the studio is working together on the development of two games which include games named IGI 3 and 83.

83 is a cold war based game and at the moment the resources of the studio are being used in both these games in the same way and that is why the development of the game is taking a little more time.

How far has the development of IGI 3 game reached?

(Photo credit: AntiMatter Games)

AntiMatter Games studio wanted to know what fans want from the game IGI 3 and for this reason, they have also organized a survey which has helped them to get an idea of ​​what fans want to see in the game.

Developers say that they are going to focus more on the story than the mission. The studio has got very good results in the survey conducted, you can see the results of this in the image given above.

Story got 91% in the survey results. Challenge got 75% and Strategy & Stealth got 79%. If you guys want, you can give your suggestions by going to Steam’s feedback form. The developers are very dedicated about the game and they will definitely give importance to your every opinion.

When will IGI 3 game be released?

Friends, there is no need to worry about this game because the development of the game is going very well. If we talk about the release date of IGI Origins, then according to the game’s office Steam page, this game will be released in 2022.

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