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Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Full Details

Episode 5 of Season 1 of Loki web series was released on 7th July named Journey into Mystery. Every episode of this web series brings with it some new things and exactly the same happened with episode 5, but now you would like to know what is going to happen in the final episode of the series i.e. episode 6. Who is controlling TVA? Will Loki’s evil form be shown in episode 6? Who is the main villain of Loki season 1? You are going to get the answer of all these questions in this article.

In episode 5 of the first season, we got to see that Loki and Sylvie together defeated Alioth. After defeating Alioth, he had opened a portal and through that portal, we got to see a palace. It looks like the owner of this palace will probably be the main villain of this series, although this is just a theory and there is no official confirmation of this.

Who is the owner of the mansion?

After seeing this palace, the question must be coming in your mind that who is the owner of this palace? You might be making a very low expectation of this, but the owner of this palace could be Doctor Doom because the palace of Doctor Doom in the comic book is exactly the same as the palace shown in this portal, although the probability of this is less.

According to the fan theory, the names of two other characters who could be the owners of this palace have also been revealed and these two characters include the names of He Who Remains and Kang the Conqueror.

However, according to a popular theory, the owner of this palace can also be King Loki as King Loki was also shown in the trailer of the series. It is possible that King Loki is trying to get the other Loki variant out of the way in collaboration with Kang the Conqueror.

Was Loki the creator of TVA?

According to a theory, it may happen that only Loki is surviving inside the void, so the chances of it happening are very high that maybe the first Loki would have also come to this place, and maybe then something like TVA does not exist. The creation of the voided timeline could be due to a Nexus event that would have destroyed the entire world in front of that Loki and till this point, an organization like TVA did not exist which would have been able to stop that event.

A normal timeline was converted to void due to the Nexus event, which made the first Loki aware of the danger of the Nexus event, after which Loki created the TVA to stop the Nexus event. Whenever any Nexus events were reset by TVA, the reset people and things would be sent to the void.

Why did Loki become Evil?

Due to the control over time, King Loki would have started thinking of himself as a superior and the same would prove to be the turning point in which he started all this as a hero but later he got converted into an evil.

Why did Loki become evil? The answer may be that Loki had already decided what would happen in people’s lives to prevent the danger of the timeline being destroyed by even the smallest Nexus event, and if any people do something different from the life they already have, then those people become a variant. Perhaps King Loki will realize that this is a big mistake of his because of him no living being could decide his own future.

Ending Note

This was some fan theory, with the help of which we can predict what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of Loki, however, this is just fans theory and no official confirmation has been made about it. You will have to wait till July 14 to know what will happen in episode 6 of Loki.

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