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Minecraft Pocket Edition: X-ray Addon Full Details

If you play Minecraft game, then you will be aware that there is a slight difference between Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition. That is, some features are available more in Java Edition than Pocket Edition. In this article, we are going to talk about the X-ray addon found in Java Edition, and if you do not know then let us tell you that you can also use X-ray addon in Pocket Edition.

What is X-ray addon?

If you don’t know how the X-ray addon works in Minecraft, we’ll let you know. When we keep mining in the survival world of Minecraft, it takes a lot of time to find what we need because we do not know what is hidden under the ground and in the mountains.
Due to which we have to do a lot of mining.

With the help of X-ray addon, you can easily find any things present in the ground or in the mountains, that is, there is no need for you to do indiscriminate mining. With the help of this addon, you can know without doing mining that where diamonds, iron, gold, coal, etc are hidden, and then you can do mining by reaching the right place.

With the help of this addon, you will save a lot of time and it is one such addon that can be of great help to every Survivor player. If you want to use this addon in Minecraft Pocket Edition, then you can search on Google or YouTube for this.

However, in Minecraft Pocket Edition you will be able to use X-ray vision even without this addon. Actually, some glitches have been found in Minecraft Pocket Edition, with the help of which you can use X-ray in a tremendous way without any addons.

If you want to know how to use X-ray in Minecraft Pocket Edition with the help of Glitch, then you can learn it with the help of the article we wrote, the link of which is given below.

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