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Project Z New Free to Play Zombie Shooter PC Game Everything You Need to Know About

Currently, the trend of free-to-play games is increasing, although earlier this trend was only available on mobile devices but now this trend is becoming popular on PC too. Today we are going to talk about one such free-to-play PC game named Project Z.

Project Z is a Co-Op zombie shooter game. In this game, you will get to see first-person shooter mode. If we talk about the time and place, then this game is based on the time of World War 2 which means you will get to see all the things in the game from the era of World War 2, this whole game is based on an Iceland located in Germany.

Although the concept of this game is not unique because we have seen this type of concept in many zombie shooter games before, including games like Left 4 Dead and Fallout, and this game has also been inspired by these zombie shooter games. Although the developers had released the first look video of the game long back, now finally the game’s Steam page has also been made.

This game focuses more on story mode, so you will be able to enjoy this game more in single-player mode, although you can also play this game with your friends. In this game, you will also get to see an interesting story in which the story of the game is based on a project named Project Z, in this project Nazis used to convert people into zombies so that zombies would act as weapons for those.

Although the official Steam page of this game has been created, but at present the game is under development, but you can see the beauty of this game very well in the gameplay video released by the developer. The graphics of the game are tremendous in appearance and the environment detailing and lighting quality present in the game is also tremendous. The game’s animations, shooting mechanics and player movements look realistic.

Because this whole game is based on zombie, that’s why in this game you will get to see many zombies, as well as in the game, you will also get to see many characters who have their different abilities. In the game you can customize your weapon, explore the island, customize characters, craft things, and discover Nazi’s many secret projects.

This game is being made by 314 Arts and the same company will also do the work of publishing this game. If we talk about the release date, then at present there is no information available about the release date of Project Z game because this game is currently under development and the developers are busy in developing and polishing the game. If there is any update related to the release date of this game, then we will definitely cover that update.

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