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PUBG New State Second Alpha Coming in August

Friends, if you follow the PUBG New State game, then you would know that recently there was a press conference in South Korea in which the future plans of the PUBG Universe were discussed. At that conference, Changhan Kim, CEO of Krafton confirmed the release date of PUBG New State, which we covered in our article, if you want to read that article, you can read it from the link given below.

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Along with the release date, Changhan Kim also confirmed that the second alpha test of PUBG New State will be started in the month of August i.e. the second alpha of the game will be seen in the next month. Although the exact date has not been disclosed at the moment, but as soon as there is any update about the date, we will cover that too through the article.

Erangel Map Confirmed in PUBG New State?

At the moment this news is going viral that we are going to see Erangel map in PUBG New State game. Actually, a photo is circulating in which the clues of the Erangel map can be seen. In this photo given below, you will be able to see the lobby of the PUBG New State game in which the Erangel map is set. However, this is only a leak at the moment and there is no confirmation of the authentication of this photo at the moment. It is up to you whether you believe this photo or not.

The PUBG New State game is set in the future, that is, the era of 2051 has been shown in this game, due to which it is sure that the Earngel map coming in this game will be very different from the normal PUBG.

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