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Auto Miner for Minecraft Pocket Edition Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will tell you about a great addon for Minecraft named Auto miner addon. You can also use this addon in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Although this whole game is based on mining and crafting, but most of us get bored with mining, because mining is a very time-consuming and boring task in survival mode. The name of auto mining suggests itself that in this addon we will get to see auto mining, that is, we do not have to do anything, the mining will be done automatically by a machine.

This addon proves to be very useful to you in survival mode because with its help you can do more mining in the game in very less time. You have to place Auto Miner at the place where you want to do mining, after that mining will continue automatically until you stop that Auto Miner.

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When you place your Auto Miner, you will see a yellow question mark, and wherever that yellow question mark points, your miner will start mining in the same direction. With Auto Miner, you will get to see 2 more things which will be a controller and a range. With the help of Range, you can set the direction of your Auto Miner. After setting the direction, you have to load your Auto Miner with a few items and those items include torches and a hopper. Before starting Auto Miner, you have to give it as many torches as possible so that it keeps putting torches on the way.

After providing a hopper and torches, you have to install a pump at any place and after that your Auto Miner is ready for mining. With the help of the controller, you have to start Auto Miner, after which mining will start. Whatever your Auto Miner will mine, you will get all those things in your pump. If you want to find your miner, then you can take help of Auto Wagon, with the help of which you can easily reach your miner.

You must have liked the Auto Miner addon. If you want to get this addon for your Minecraft Pocket Edition then you can search about it in Google or Youtube.

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