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Battlefield Mobile Official Release Date Confirmed?

Friends, there is no doubt that the potential of mobile gaming is tremendous at the moment and now even big game development companies cannot deny this potential. Perhaps mobile gaming is the only sector that currently has the largest player base. That is, mobile gaming is at the forefront of player base, leaving behind PCs and consoles. Due to the huge player base, now mobile versions of online multiplayer PC and console games are also being made, either already released and now Battlefield has also been included in one such category.

In fact, EA announced some time ago that they are working on 2 Battlefield games, one for PC and console and the other for mobile devices. So far, EA has only released all the games in its Battlefield franchise for PC and consoles, but this is the first time that EA is expanding its Battlefield franchise to a mobile platform as well.

The news came that Battlefield Mobile is currently under development, that is why no information was given about the release date of this game but recently, a leaker who closely followed the Battlefield game has given an update about the release date of Battlefield Mobile.

In this recent tweet, it has been clearly stated that the Battlefield Mobile game will be released before April 2022. It is clear from this tweet that this is the final release date of the game because according to the news we will get to see the beta test of this game by the end of this year.

This Twitter user’s tweet can be considered because even before the Battlefield 2042 game was about to be revealed, this guy had given a lot of details about the game and all the leaks given by this guy turned out to be true, For this reason, the authentication of this tweet of Battlefield Mobile also increases manifold.

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