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Brawl Stars Ash Full Details and Release Date

The players of Brawl Stars are the happiest when a new episode of brawl talk arrives. Recently the latest episode of brawl talk has come in which complete information about the upcoming updates of the game has been given. In this article, we will talk about the upcoming brand new brawler in the game named Ash.

Brawl Stars Ash

If you have seen brawl talk then you will know that Ash is a cleaner of Star Park. Being a cleaner, Ash does what a cleanser should do, that is, he cleans the garbage. Actually, Star Park is a dangerous place in Brawl Stars, so to avoid dangers, Ash has decided that he will use the trash can as a protection.

Even though Ash uses a garbage can as protection, he still looks very cute and people will definitely like this brawler. Actually, Ash belongs to the new Castle Courtyard, and let us tell you that the Castle Courtyard is a part of Star Park itself.

Ash is a chromatic brawler and if we talk about getting Ash, then we will get this brawler in the brawl pass of season 8 (once upon a brawl). Although Ash carries a trash can, the same can also makes Ash a tanky brawler because the strength of the trash can gives Ash 7280 HP. If we talk about rank, then Ash’s HP will come at number 4 in the list of all brawlers.

Due to the high HP, Ash’s attack ability is affected. Actually, Ash’s attack range is short because his attacks affect only 5 tiles but we are also given an advantage with short attacks because Ash can damage multiple enemies simultaneously with his short attack.

If we talk about Ash’s attack, then he has a great rage mechanic and you will also get to see a separate indication bar for that rage mechanic. When Ash delivers or consumes damage, its rage bar goes up and when Ash is normal, the rage bar starts decreasing. If the rage bar is full, Ash’s speed will increase.

Ash’s attacks deliver 1120 damage if the rage charge is below the first black line. Ash’s castle icon is half-filled when the rage charge is above the first black line, and then Ash’s attack damage is increased by 50%. He will deliver 1680 damage in a single attack when the castle’s first part is charged. If Ash’s rage charge goes above the second line, his castle icon is full, and then Ash delivers 2240 damage in a single attack.

If we talk about Ash’s super, then on activating the super, he throws a box and 5 rats are spawned from that box. These rats are tremendous and are robotic in appearance, if we talk about damage and health, then these rats deliver damage of 420 and they have 420 HP health.

If we talk about the release date, then season 8 of Brawl Stars will come on 30th August and it seems that we will also get to see the brand new brawler Ash of the game on 30th August.

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