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Ferries in PUBG Mobile/BGMI Full Details and Release Date

A long time ago a feature was added to PUBG PC, which was named Ferries. In that feature, in the Erangel map of PUBG PC, Ferries means that the big ship goes from one location to another. And if you want, you can also use those ferries for rides. Although this feature was available only in PUBG PC till now, but now this feature has also come in Mobile version.

Actually, this feature has been put on the latest test server of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile i.e. Game for Peace and the people who had registered for this test server are enjoying many similar new features. As of now, it is not confirmed that the feature of Ferries added in Game for Peace is from PUBG PC or different from that, ​as only one Ship has been deployed in Game for Peace but Multiple Ships have been deployed in PUBG PC.

The spawn location of the Ship in Game for Peace is not fixed because the spawn location of the ship keeps changing. Ships used to work automatically in PUBG PC, but the ship present in Game for Peace would not move automatically, actually, a player would have to start that ship only then that ship would start moving. However, you can only start the ship and cannot control it because once the ship is activated, it moves automatically. If you have activated this ship once, then you cannot activate it for a second time to take that ship to any other place.

PUBG Mobile Ferries

In Game for Peace, you also get to see a small Yort with the Ship, and when you activate the Ship, that Yort will automatically start following that Ship. Now you must be thinking that what is the work of that Yort? In fact, when the ship goes to its destination, it stops at one place on the way, and as soon as that ship stops, the yort makes one round of the ship and after that, a hook on the ship goes into the water and takes out a drop from there and brings it to the ship. That is, if you are traveling on a ship, then you will definitely get a drop.

Because the feature of Ferries has come in the test server of Game for Peace, now we can soon see this feature in PUBG Mobile and BGMI also.

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