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Flora Menace Mode in PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.6 Update Full Details

At present, the test server of PUBG Mobile has started and in this test server, you will get to see all the things that will come in the 1.6 update of the game. In this article, we have given complete information about the brand new mod Flora Menace coming in the 1.6 update of PUBG Mobile/BGMI.

Mission Ignition Mode has been given in the current version of the game i.e. 1.5 and let us tell you that Flora Menace is also an edition of Mission Ignition. It may happen that when the main version of the game comes after the test version, then the name of this mode will be changed in the main version. This mode will be seen only in the Erangel map.

When the game starts in Flora Menace mode, you spawn on a spaceship instead of on the spawn island. There are special boundaries on the spaceship so that you cannot get out of the spaceship. By going in the middle of the spaceship, you can also transport yourself inside the spaceship.

Due to Flora Menace mode, you will get to see many new special marks on the map.

Flora Menace Mode PUBG Mobile, BGMI

  • Call Matrix Robot
  • Cell
  • Rejuvenation Barrier

Call Matrix Robot

Wherever there will be red color marks on the map, you will get to see Cell Matrix Robots. If you go in that red circle then your fight will be with those robots and if you kill those robots then you will get loot of level 3.


You will be able to see the marks of Cell at many places throughout the map. Cell acts as a teleporter in a way, that is, if you go to the place where the cell is marked, then you can teleport in a spaceship. When these cell marks are blue out of white then only you will be able to use them. When you reach the spaceship, you have to fight with other players there and collect Nacore currency. You will get 3 lives on the spaceship, that is, you can be alive by dying three times, after that you will be thrown out of the spaceship.

Rejuvenation Barrier

Just like the red circle, you will also get to see green colored circles on the map, which are also called Rejuvenation Barrier and this green area looks like alien affected areas. Whenever you reach these green circles, your character’s HP (health) will start increasing i.e. you will not need to heal your character in these green circles. When you are looting you will see 2 new items which include Vine and Faulty Chip, you can collect Vine and Faulty Chip to get rewards. During the loot, you will also get to see Nacore currency which you have to collect because with its help you can order special supplies.

This was the complete details of Flora Menace mode. There are high chances that you can get Flora Menace mode in the upcoming 1.6 update of PUBG Mobile/BGMI.

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