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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Full Details and Release Date

Season 8 is coming to Fortnite and we bring you a lot of leaks and news of Season 8. So let’s find out what we are going to see in season 8.

Actually, the story starts a few months ago when an unknown leaker released some leaks of Fortnite on Reddit, and in that leak, he was claimed that we will get to see Ariana Grande in Fortnite and we all know what happened after that. The leaker also claimed that Justice League members are going to join Fortnite and that leak has also proved to be true.

Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Season 8 The Sideways

Fortnite Season 8 The Sideways

This leaker has written in a post on Reddit that a new feature will come in the map of Fortnite’s upcoming season 8 which is going to be very similar to the Stranger Things’ Upside Down. Now if you don’t know what is Stranger things then we tell you, Actually, Stranger Things is a popular web series that you can watch on Netflix.

Under the Sideways dimension, we will get to see monsters in the game, which becomes very strange, although it will be exactly like what we get to see in the Stranger Things series. Now you are going to be very happy to hear this because these monsters coming in the game will not only be there to scare you but you can also ride on these monsters.

Fortnite Open World Mode

Fortnite Open World Mode

After the Sideway feature, the most liked feature by the fans will be the Open World mode. In season 8 we are going to see a brand new open world mode. It’s going to be a massive open world and the POIs for this map have been leaked. You can see these POIs in this tweet below.

Will Smith

Celebrity cameos are nothing new in Fortnite and now Fortnite going to continues its tradition with a cameo of Will Smith in Season 8. We are going to see a skin of Will Smith in the cameo of Will Smith.

Foundation has also been discussed. When the foundation is visible, then the voice of Rock will be attached to that foundation.

J Balvin

Along with Will Smith, we can also see another celebrity in Fortnite and the name of that celebrity is J Balvin who is a Colombian singer. The Leakers also found a file of J Balvin, which included the main skin of J Balvin along with his other two skins.

Flying Animals

There will be no shortage of content in season 8 because along with ridable monsters, you can also get to see flying animals in season 8. Flying animals are going to appear for the first time in Fortnite and if you kill small animals you will get meat and if you kill big animals you can also get guns.

Halloween Zombie Event

Fortnite Halloween Zombie Event

Like every time, Fortnite has made a lot of preparations for this Halloween also. Actually, the miners have detected a file named zigzag and under that file in the zombie event we will see zombies according to the Halloween theme.



Naruto can be entered in the Battle Pass of Season 8. Although earlier it was just a rumor but some insiders have confirmed that Naruto could be seen in the Battle Pass of season 8.


Many skins are going to be seen in the upcoming season of the game including Janky, Ninja Wolf, Moss Legends Bundle, Shadow Legends 2 skins, King and Queen skin.


Along with the new season, we will also get to see a new weapon which includes the brand new shock wave launcher.

Other things

In season 8 we can get to see the brand new Bim Bam Toi Emote, new weapons charms can also make their place very soon.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Release Date

The release date of season 8 of Fortnite chapter 2 has been confirmed by Epic Games, according to which season 8 will start from September 13.

This information has been given on the basis of leaks and rumors, that is why the authentication of this information cannot be confirmed.

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