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How to Get More than 1 Free Raid Pass Daily in Pokemon Go?

You must be very happy after reading the title and we are also happy to tell you this news about how you can get more than 1 Raid Pass in Pokemon Go game for free daily.

Actually, it would be better to call it a simple trick instead of news, with the help of which you can get 2 Raid Pass for free every day and with the help of this pass you can raid.

How to Get Raid Pass for Free in Pokemon Go?

For Free Raid Pass, you have to play Pokemon Go in New Zealand. On playing in New Zealand, you will get to see many gyms there, by going to any of those gyms, you have to spin the Pokestop there. As soon as you spin the Pokestop, you will get a Raid Pass, after that you have to do a raid battle of that pass. After that you have to go to another gym or spin again the same gym’s Pokestop after which you will get another Raid Pass.

At the moment this trick works only in New Zealand i.e. if you are playing in any other location then you will not get two free raid passes daily, the reason is that at present this feature is started only in New Zealand. Actually, developers are testing this feature and if they get a good result, then they will release this feature globally.

At the moment this feature is available, so you can take advantage of this feature, but if this feature is turned off in the future, then we will definitely inform you about it. If you like this trick, then definitely subscribe to our website because we keep updating the website with similar tips and tricks related to gaming.

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