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Minecraft 1.19 Update: Things that We can Expect

If you play Minecraft game then this article is absolutely for you because in this article we will give you information about what we can expect from Minecraft 1.19 update.

The update to Minecraft 1.19 will also be a big update as there are going to be many new things added in the 1.19 update of the game as well. First of all, we will talk about the release date of this update, as of now there is no official announcement of the release date of the 1.19 update of the game but according to the rumors and leaks, the 1.19 update can be announced at the upcoming Minecon 2021 event.

If you do not know about Minecon, then let us tell you that Minecon is a live event in which the update of Minecraft is announced. Although Minecon will be held in late 2021 due to the pandemic, but at the moment looking at the situation of the epidemic, it seems that that event may also be delayed this year.

According to the news, the 1.19 update of Minecraft is being called the Weather and Nature Update, which clearly means that in the coming update we can see some very big changes related to weather and nature.

According to sources, new weather will be added in the 1.19 update, in which everything will be covered with fog and it will become difficult to see anything, that is, visibility will be reduced. Talking about the second feature, when the rain comes, the water level will rise and a flood-like situation will be seen. Talking about the third feature, the powerful wind will blow, due to which you will find it very difficult to walk.

If we talk about mobs, then in update 1.19 we got to see a new mob of white slime type which will spawn only during fog and if you kill that mob then you will get only snowballs. The second mob will be a Mushroom Duck which will be rare i.e. you will see very little of this mob. Talking about the third mob, he is a wildman who will be a human which you will get to see in the badland biome. The Wildman will come on the horse and throw the knife at you, his thrown knife will return to him. You will get to see this mob only in rare conditions. Along with all these mobs, frogs, catfish, and skeleton hogs are also likely to be added.

We may also get to see a brand new biome in the 1.19 update of Minecraft. This biome will be of black sand and we can also call it a new block which is made of black sand. Talking about other things, the 1.19 update is likely to add some new things like throwing knives, bottles of mist, pure stone, and undead crown.

The complete information mentioned in this article has been given on the basis of our research and rumors, because at present the things mentioned have not been officially confirmed, so we cannot confirm the authentication of this information.

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