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Super People New Tactical Battle Royale: Features, First Beta, Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know

Ever since the battle royale genre has become popular, almost all the game developer companies are trying to make such a game on the battle royale genre, in which there is something new and that kind of feature is not available in any battle royale game before. Although very few such games have come out in which the out-of-the-box features are seen, but today we will talk about one such game which has many such features which are completely new in a battle royale game and the name of that game is Super People.

Super People is an upcoming tactical ballet royale game that is about to release on PC. If we talk about the developers, then the Wonder People company of Korea has done the work of developing this game. The storyline of the game is based on the military. According to the story, the military conflict has increased so much that now the responsibility of resolving it has been given to the super soldiers. Super soldiers have many different powers, due to which they are much more powerful than the normal soldiers. Super soldiers are divided into 12 different classes according to their power and you can choose any one of them according to your playing style.

Weapons are important in games like PUBG and Fortnite, but in the Super People game, your character itself is also a big weapon and that character has many powerful weapons. Like every battle royale game, your ultimate goal in this game too is to survive till the last ie the player who will be the last man standing will win the match. In the game you will get to see many weapons as well as many vehicles which you will also be able to drive.

Super People Game Features

If you talk about the features, then you can kick to the doors in this game, you can slide and you can also shoot through the wall. You can also disable the melee and light throw. In the game, apart from guns, you will also find many weapons, including molotov, knock-back grenades, gas, stun, C4, mines, detectors, and RPG. Although there are many unique things in the game, but the most unique thing in this game is “Nuclear Strick”, that is, you can also do a nuclear strike on your enemy. If we talk about defending, then you can defend yourself by deploying shield or with the help of fog.

The size of the map of this game will also be the same as the size of Erangel map of PUBG i.e. in Super People also you will get to see the map of 8×8 but there is a twist in it too. In fact, when the match starts, the circle of phase 1 would have already been created from the beginning. That is, the players will already know where they have to go and they can make their strategy accordingly. The circle of Phase 1 will depend on the number of players i.e the size of the circle will also be according to the number of people who have joined the lobby.

If you have played Assassins Creed games then you will be aware that in Assassins Creed you get the highest place on many locations from where you can see the map well, now we will get to see some similar feature in this game as well. In this game also you will get to see many such places which are called Eagle High’s and you can sniping very well from that place. You can also jump from Eagle High’s with the help of parachute i.e. you will also get a chance to cover more distance by gliding.

Overall Features

Recently playerIGN uploaded a gameplay video of the Super People game on its official youtube channel, in which almost all the features of the game are seen. Below are the timestamps and features of this video, with the help of which you will be able to understand the gameplay video easily.

0:10 gas soldier/flamethrower
0:14 hitmarkers / kill skull
0:20 PUBG kill font
0:24 consuming gas can
0:30 gas bomb
0:36 throwing a gas bomb
0:44 Gatling soldier / rolling / scope
0:48 siding
0:53 Gatling gun
0:56 flaming bullets Gatling gun
1:06 mobile striker
1:08 high leap/jump
1:12 immediate deployable shield
1:17 sliding kill
1:20 long jump/ledge grab
1:26 bleeding
1:30 rocket launcher / nuclear drop / nuclear strike / recon strike control panel
1:33 nuke coming
1:36 nuke strikes
1:39 Molotov
1:45 using RPG
1:53 driver/monster jeep/jeep launch and jump
1:58 rolling out of jeep/press ‘G’ to explode and detonate jeep
2:06 summon and deploy the jeep
2:10 shotgun master / high jump
2:14 shotgun blast kill
2:19 shotgun montage kills
2:22 knockback grenade
2:28 shotgun destroying and exploding car or vehicle
2:33 seeker / fast sliding
2:38 see incoming grenades marked
2:41 see incoming parachutes marked
2:46 proximity incendiary mine
2:55 SWAT/kicking door open
2:59 Blackout / power outage / power out
3:04 vaulting
3:07 grenade throw
3:12 normal ledge grab
3:17 sniper / one-shot bolt action
3:26 artillery strike
3:29 walkie talkie/wallhacks / see-through wall/motion or sound detector
3:42 stun grenade
3:50 expert / force master / invulnerability
3:59 wallbang
4:05 ring of elysium scope switching feature
4:19 Teleporter
4:20 pubg melee weapon throw/axe throw
2:43 pubg teleport kill
4:28 melee weapon throw snipe
4:33 healing kit / healing / meds / med kit (4 seconds) (pubg is 6 seconds)
4:38 reviving teammate (5 seconds ) (10 seconds) / FN F2000 bullpup assault rifle
4:44 marine corps/swimming
4:47 crawling prone
4:48 sea fog/smoke
4:58 sprint animation
5:02 detonated C4

Super People Game Release Date

It is a good thing that the first beta test of this game has been started but this beta test has been started only in South Korea, which duration is from 11 to 23 August. Talking about the release date, the official release date of this game has not been disclosed by the developers at present, but according to PlayerIGN, the Super People game will be released in Korea by the end of this year.

How did you like the game and are you excited about this game? Do tell about it by commenting.

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