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Valorant Upcoming Bundle [Recon Skin Bundle] Full Details

Currently, Valorant is one such successful first person shooter game that is giving tough competition to the most popular FPS game CSGO as well. If we talk about the release date, then this game was released on June 2, 2020 i.e. this game was released a year ago. we can guess the achievement of this game from the fact that after just 1 year of its release, this game has emerged as the best multiplayer FPS game.

In just one year, the player base of this game has become huge, which is commendable. At present, the number of people playing this game is very high and for this reason, the number of leakers who bring news and leaks of this game is also high. Actually, whenever a new thing or a new update is about to come in the game, the information about it first comes to the leakers and after that, the leakers make the information accessible to the public.

Recon Skin Bundle

In this article, we are going to talk about a similar information which has been given by a trusted leaker. Actually, the information about the upcoming bundle of Valorant has been leaked, which name is “Recon Skin Bundle”.

According to this tweet above, the upcoming bundle of Valorant i.e. Recon Skin Bundle is going to be based on the military theme. If we talk about the skin, then according to the leak, currently 5 weapons skins have been confirmed in the Recon Skin Bundle, which list is given below.

  • Guardian
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Ghost
  • Butterfly Melee Knife

Along with the skin of the weapons, the color of those skins has also been leaked, according to which in Recon Skin Bundle we will get to see 4 colors of weapon skins.

According to the leak, it has also been confirmed that the color of the Butterfly Melee Knife in the Recon Skin Bundle will also be the same as that of the other weapons. Information on the color of camouflage of melee weapons is also given. The camouflage will have a total of three colors which will include Red, Blue, and Green.

If we talk about the most important thing i.e. the price of this bundle, then the price of Recon Skin Bundle has also been revealed, according to which the price of Recon Skin Bundle will be 7100VP and it also includes Level 3 and Level 4 variants.

At present, no official announcement has been made about Recon Skin Bundle, so the authentication of these leaks cannot be confirmed.

Are you excited about Recon Skin Bundle? Do tell in the comment section below.

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