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BGMI Anti Cheat System Full Details

If you play BGMI game, then you must have encountered hackers at some point during the game. Actually, the BGMI game was recently released, and being a new game, the anti-cheat features of the game were not so strong due to which many hackers came into this game.

Normal players used to have a lot of trouble playing the game due to hackers, due to which Krafton has now improved the anti-cheat feature in BGMI. 1,40,000 accounts have been banned through BGMI’s anti-cheat system. The accounts that have been banned were using third-party add-ons, software, or modified versions of the game.

Now this question must be coming to your mind that how did BGMI detect so many hackers in such a short time? In fact, along with the anti chest system, Krafton employees also do manual checking. The hackers are discovered on the Internet, on YouTube, on Telegram, and on social media by Krafton employees during manual checks.

YouTube channels that promote things like BGMI hacks and aimbots will get their channel terminated after being reported by Krafton and their BGMI account will also be banned. These steps taken by Krafton will increase the security of the BGMI game and at the same time, normal players will get to see fair gameplay.

Now just like in PUBG Mobile, BGMI will also share reports of total accounts banned through Anti-Cheat on the game’s official social media handles. Overall, looking at all these things, it seems that now Krafton has taken a tough stand against hackers, and now the campaign of hacker-free BGMI game has started.

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