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Clash of Clans Super Bowler Complete Details

Whenever a major update is going to come in Clash of Clans, before that update, the developers start giving details of the things coming in that update which is called a sneak peek. Now the next big update of Clash of Clans is on the edge, due to which now the sneak peek has started coming from the developer side.

Recently it has been announced on the official social media account of Clash of Clans that in the upcoming updates of the game we will get to see a brand new super troop which is going to be Super Bowler. Currently, there are total 12 super troops in the game and after the next update, there is going to be another super troop addition.

Clash of Clans Super Bowler

Clash of Clans Super Bowler 1

If we talk about the appearance of the Super Bowler, then the Super Bowler looks quite different from the Normal Bowler. The same eye mask is seen on the eyes of Super Bowler as we get to see on the eyes of Sneaky Goblin. The Super Bowler is now also wearing good footwear and hand gloves, due to which he is now able to throw the big stone with much ease and with more power.

If we talk about the ability of the Super Bowler, then the Super Bowler has the ability of triple strike, that is, the thrown stone of the Super Bowler bounces three times and goes far. Whenever a new super Troop arrives in the game, most players first check the housing space of the super Troop. If you want to know the housing space of Super Bowler now, then let us tell you that the Super Bowler housing space is 30. The movement speed of the super bowler is 14 and his favorite target is the ground.

The level 6 super bowler delivers 200 damages per second and has a hit point of 2000 which is slightly less. If we talk about the training cost, then to train a super bowler, you will have to spend 1000 dark elixir and its training time is 5 minutes.

friends according to you with which troop the super bowler can be combined, definitely comment in the comment box below.

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