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Clash of Clans Upcoming 5th Hero Full Details

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5th hero coming in Clash of Clans. Actually, on this topic, we will tell you some interesting facts and theories, so that you will get an idea of what the 5th hero of Clash of Clans will be like and when will it come.

When will the 5th hero of Clash of Clans arrive?

Clash of Clans currently has four heroes, including the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and the Royal Champion. All the heroes of Clash of Clans were released in sequence, the facts of which are given below.

The first hero to appear in the game was the Barbarian King who came with Town Hall 7, the game’s second hero was Archer Queen who came with Town Hall 9, the third hero was Grand Warden who came with Town Hall 11, the fourth And the latest hero was the Royal Champion who was introduced with Town Hall 13, and now the fifth hero coming in the game can come with Town Hall 15 depending on the sequence.

Clash of Clans 5th Hero Gender

At the moment a question must be coming to your mind that what will be the gender of the 5th hero coming in the game? The answer to this question will also be given by the sequence itself.

Actually, there are two male and two female heroes in the game at the moment. The first hero in the game was Barbarian King who is a male, the second hero Archer Queen is a female, the third hero Grand Warden is a male, and the fourth hero Royal Champion is a female. That is, according to the sequence, the 5th hero coming in the game can be a male.

Clash of Clans 5th Hero Skill

If we talk about the skill of the 5th hero, then there is no fact available about it, that’s why on this topic, we can make a prediction about what will be the skill of the 5th hero by analyzing the skills of the four heroes present in the game.

The job of the Barbarian King in the game is to provide protection and create a funnel, and most players use the Barbarian King in exactly the same way.

If we talk about Archer Queen, Archer Queen is a very balanced hero. Archer Queen works as protection and also works as destruction, through Queen Walk, we can also use the Queen for a long time.

If we talk about Grand Warden, Grand Warden has a special ability and because of this ability, Grand Warden’s role is important in most attack strategies.

Most players use the Royal Champion in the same way as the Barbarian King, meaning that the Royal Champion is also used to funnel like the King because the Royal Champion does not have any special abilities like Grand Warden.

If we talk about the 5th hero, then the 5th hero can also have a special ability like Grand Warden because we already have two such heroes who specialize in giving protection and making funnels, if we talk about a balanced hero, then at present, only one balanced hero is enough in the game because if another balanced hero comes in the game then the whole game will be unbalanced.

Friends, this is the theory of the upcoming 5th hero of Clash of Clans, how did you like this theory, do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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