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Kota Factory Season 2 Review

Kota Factory Season 2 has been released on Netflix today at 12:30 pm, in which you will get to see total 5 episodes. Season 2 of this series starts from where season 1 ended, which means that if you have not seen season 1 of Kota Factory yet, then you will not understand season 2.

Kota Factory Season 2

Now Vaibhav has shifted to Maheshwari classes and all his other friends are studying in the same old institute i.e. now Vaibhav is separated from his friends. If we talk about our favorite Jeetu Bhaiya, then his life also seems to be changing completely because now he has also opened his new institute.

If you want to know why Jeetu Bhaiya has opened his own institute then you must watch full season 2 of Kota Factory. If we talk about the drama of season 2, then you will love the drama of season 2 but this drama seems a bit faded in comparison to season 1.

In Season 2 also, you will get to see the same struggle and preparation of students to crack the IIT exam. The Kota Factory series has been created so that in this series the real life experience of the student and the pressure of cracking the exam can be shown, and in this aim, like season 1, season 2 also succeeds to a great extent, because students can see their real-life by connecting with this series.

The best thing shown in season 2 is the competition which we get to see among the students. However, the competition is not only between the students as this competition is also seen between different institutes which is natural. In season 2, you get to see good chemistry between the characters, along with this you will also get to see a lot of suspense in season 2, due to which your interest remains in the series.

If we talk about parental guidelines, then you can watch this web series with your whole family as well. Overall Kota Factory season 2 is good and if you are a student then this web series comes in the category of must-watch for you.

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