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Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2021 Complete Details

If you play Pokemon Go then you will be aware that halloween event is the best event of pokemon go because we get to see a lot of things in that event. In this article we will tell you what we can expect in the upcoming 2021 halloween event in pokemon go and when will this event come in the game.

During this event, ghost and dark type pokemon are seen in abundance in the wild, which is a good thing because normally ghost type and dark type pokemon are seen in very small amounts. If we talk about the recap of 2020, then you must know that in 2020 we got to see a Pikachu with costume and in the halloween event of 2021 we will also get to see a Pikachu with halloween costume.

We may get to see the Yamask pokemon in the halloween event of 2021. normally yamask is very rare pokemon and we get to see this pokemon very rarely but during halloween event we get to see yamask very easily. In the upcoming halloween event, we will get to see Mega Gengar and Sableye, along with that we can get to see Shiny Litwick and Shiny Spiritomb.

Like every halloween event, we’ll get to see a lot of pokemon costumes in this upcoming event as well. If we talk about five-star raids, then during this event it is fixed that you get to see dark type or ghost type legendary pokemon during raids and during the halloween event of 2021 we can get to see Darkrai or Giratina.

If we talk about the release date of the 2021 Halloween event of pokemon go, then its official release date has not been announced at the moment, but if we make a prediction, then we will see this event in the middle of October i.e. from October 15 to 20.

The information given in this article has been created on the basis of research and prediction, hence its authentication cannot be confirmed.

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