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Prologue Coming to Android and iOS? | Prologue for Android and iOS

If you are interested in gaming and are following gaming news, then you will know about Prologue game. Actually, Prologue game was announced on December 2019. After that announcement, for almost a year and a half, no official update was coming from the developer about the Prologue game, but now finally the Prologue game has once again come into the limelight.

If you do not know much about this game, then let us tell you that this game is being developed by a very popular game developer Brendan Greene AKA PlayerUnknown. Brendan Greene is the same person who developed the PUBG game. Brendan Greene was working in a very big game development company Krafton, if you do not know about Krafton then let us tell you that Krafton recently launched BGMI mobile game.

Currently, Brendan Greene has left Krafton and created his own separate game development company named PLAYERUNKNOWN PRODUCTIONS. Now Brendan Greene and his team are working on the Prologue game. At the moment if you go to the YouTube channel of PLAYERUNKNOWN PRODUCTIONS, you will see only one video, which is the teaser of the Prologue game.

If we talk about Prologue game, then you can also call it a virtual world. The level of this game will be so tremendous that when this game is released then a new revolution will start in the gaming industry. One thing is clear that Prologue will not be a battle royale game like PUBG, but it is going to be a virtual world, just like Minecraft.

The graphics of this game are going to be awesome as this game is being made on Unreal Engine. The virtual world of this game will be very vast and a special thing about the game is that the weather condition will keep changing in this game. Basically in this game, you have to survive.

Recently a video of Brendan Greene has been released on the official Twitter account of PLAYERUNKNOWN, in which Brendan Greene talks about his vision about Prologue game, development of the game, and some features of the game. Along with the video, an image of the game has also been uploaded so that you can get a little idea of what this game is going to be like.

According to rumors, this game may have a feature like Play to Earn i.e. this feature will be related to cryptocurrency, although at the moment there is no official confirmation about it.

Now a question must be coming to your mind that on which platform this game is going to come? Let us tell you that at present there is no official announcement by the developer that on which platform the Prologue game will be released. But it is certain that this game will be released on PC and Console, but this does not mean that this game will not be released on mobile.

Brendan Greene is the same person who developed PUBG, although earlier PUBG was released only on PC and console but after that, the mobile version of the game was also released. Today, PUBG Mobile probably has a bigger user base than PUBG PC and Brendan Greene knows this very well, so it is highly likely that the Prologue game will be released for mobile devices as well.

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