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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 29 Winner Pass Full Details

Next winner pass of PUBG Mobile Lite game will be of season 29. if you play PUBG Mobile Lite then this article is going to be important for you because in this article we will tell you that how will be the winner pass of season 29 coming in the game and that What are the things we are going to see in Winner Pass?

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 29 Winner

Recently some leaks of Winner Pass of Season 29 are coming out and the details given below are based on these leaks.


Out of the four outfits given below, 3 outfits can come in winner pass and one in the lucky spin.

Mystery Reveler Set

Mystery Reveler Set

This red outfit is absolutely stunning and there is no doubt that you must have loved this Mystery Reveler Set.

Noble Masquerader Set

Noble Masquerader Set

The Noble Masquerader Set is a stunning outfit in which the combination of white and red color is seen. We can get to see this outfit in lucky spin instead of winner pass.

Happy Raccoon Set

The Happy Raccoon Set is a female outfit. This outfit is inspired by Raccoon and we will get to see a combination of white and gray color in this outfit.

Vibrant Youth Set

Vibrant Youth Set is a female outfit and you will get to see a combination of white and pink color in it.


According to Leaks, the skin of these 2 helmets given below can come in the winner of season 29.

Snow Sakura Helmet

The Snow Sakura helmet looks very cool. You will get to see a combination of pink and white colors in this helmet.

Night Ensemble Helmet

This helmet also looks great. Here, we will get to see a combination of green and gray colors in the helmet.


In the winner pass of season 29, we can see the skin of any one of the three backpack skins given below.

Eerie Doll Backpack

The shape of the Eerie Doll Backpack looks like a doll which looks a bit scary.

Cute Animal Backpack

This backpack is based on animals, in which you get to see dog and fox variants.

Samurai Ops Backpack

According to the name of this backpack, it will be a samurai backpack that looks quite beautiful in appearance.


According to leaks, you can get to see the parachute skin given below in the reward of number 15 in the winner pass.

Noble Masquerader Parachute

Noble Masquerader Parachute

In Noble Masquerader Parachute’s skin, we get to see the image of a girl and the background of that image is of black color.


Talking about the skin of the vehicle, we can get to see the skin of the Dacia car in the winner pass of season 29.

Red Panda Dacia

Red Panda Dacia

This skin from Dacia is very beautiful to look at. Orange color has been used a lot in this skin.

The information given in this article has been created on the basis of leaks and news, for this reason, its authentication cannot be confirmed.

If you are excited about the winner pass of season 29 then you can follow our article because we will keep updating this article with the upcoming news of the winner pass.

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