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5 Confirmed Things in Clash of Clans Halloween Update 2021

If you were waiting for the upcoming Halloween event of Clash of Clans, then this article is important for you because in this article we will tell you about five such confirmed things that you will get to see in the upcoming Halloween event of Clash of Clans.

Recently a Clash of Clans player had a conversation with the Clash of Clans support team, in which the Clash of Clans team has given information about the content coming in the Halloween 2021 update, which you can see in the image above.

1. Royale Ghost Temporary Troop

We had predicted in one of our previous article that we will get to see a temporary troop of Clash Royale in the upcoming Halloween update of COC, although it was not confirmed at that time that which troop it could be but now it is confirmed that we will get to see Royale Ghost as a temporary troupe in the halloween 2021 update.

2. Spooky Loading Screen

Although it is well known that every Halloween event we get to see a new loading screen and this time also we will get to see an amazing spooky Halloween loading screen.

3. Spooky Obstacle: Friendly Flower

It is a thing that everyone knows that in every halloween update we get to see a new obstacle and in this halloween update also we will get to see a new obstacle which will be named Friendly Flower.

4. Spooky Scenery Challenge

We are also going to see a spooky scenery challenge in the upcoming halloween update.

5. Spooky Scenery: Pumpkin Graveyard

There is no doubt that each and every scenery coming in Clash of Clans is awesome but this time it is going to be awesome as well as a little scary because we will get to see Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery in the halloween update.

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