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Dhindora Episode 2 Review

Today episode 2 of Dhindora web series has been released on BB Ki Vines YouTube channel. The name of episode 2 is Baasi Roti, although the length of the second episode is only 14:54 minutes but this episode is an important episode of this web series.

If you have watched episode 1 then you would know that in that episode it was shown that every middle-class family has many dreams, although some of them are fulfilled and some big dreams are shattered, But still, there is some ray of hope somewhere in their hearts, due to which sometimes something unexpected happens to them, due to which their whole life changes.

In episode 1 Bablooji got huge happiness in the form of a lottery of 11 crores but suddenly this happiness turned into worry and sadness when Bablooji had an accident. However, to know why Bablu ji has an accident and in what condition he is after the accident, you have to watch episode 2 of Dhindora.

As soon as the second episode starts, you will get to see a small recap of the previous episode that will remind you of all the forgotten things that you saw in episode 1. If we compare episode 2 with episode 1, then in episode 2 we get to see a little less comedy.

While watching episode 2, you will have to use earphones because there is no abuse in this episode but many obscene words have been spoken. Like the last time, episode 2 has also ended at such a point due to which we will be waiting for episode 3 with great eagerness and it is also confirmed that episode 3 is going to be awesome.

Overall episode 2 was good but the only issue was that the length of this episode was around 14 minutes after removing the recap which is a bit short.

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