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Far Cry 6: Location of Best Silent Shotgun

Far Cry 6 has been released and like every time, players are liking this game a lot this time too. This game is liked by the players a lot because of the players play this game according to their different ways, that is, many players like to openly fight with the enemies in the game, while there are many players who like to play the game with stealth.

If you like to play Far Cry 6 game with stealth or you like guns in the game which are silent and lethal then this article is for you. Because in this article we will guide you how you can get a silent shotgun that gives great damage in the game.

Actually, the name of the gun that we will tell you about in this article is Supercharger Shotgun. This shotgun comes with a suppressor which makes it a dangerous and silent gun. This gun will prove to be suitable for you for stealthy gameplay because it is a powerful gun and with this gun, you will not take much time to destroy the enemies.

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform

If we talk about how you can get this gun, then it is very easy to get this gun. Actually, to get this gun, you have to do the mission that takes you to the GDP Oil Platform. If you do not know what is the location of GDP Oil Platform, then you can see it in the above image of map.

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Platform 1

When you reach the GDP Oil Platform, there you will see a container hanging from a crane, which you can see in the image given above. You will get to see the Supercharger Shotgun in that container. Now this question must be coming in your mind that how to bring down this container?

GDP Oil Platform 2

To unload the container, you have to go to the white control room given just behind the crane, which you can see in the image given above. Actually, you will be able to control the crane from that white control room. When you go to the control room, you will get to see the red button there, on pressing which the container hanging from the crane will come down.

When the container comes down, you can collect your brand new Supercharger Shotgun from that container.

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