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How to Create Pokestop without Level 38?

Pokestop is a place without which Pokemon Go is incomplete. Every Pokemon Go player knows and uses this place because pokestop is an equally important place where you can get some free stuff and catch more pokemon as well.

All players playing Pokemon Go have to visit the pokestop because without pokestop they cannot get the free stuff found in the game, but sometimes players have to face such a situation due to which they are not able to visit the pokestop even if they want.

Although most of the pokestops are created by Pokemon Go and these pokestops are present everywhere but sometimes it happens that there is no pokestop available around the player’s location or it may happen as well that the location of the pokestop is far away from the location of the players. In such a situation, Pokemon Go has given players such a facility that they can create a pokestop at any location, but there is a twist in this too.

Actually, you can create pokestop at any location in Pokemon Go but for this, your account level in the game must be 38 or above because if your level is less than 38 then the feature to create pokestop will not be enabled on your account. Is there any way you can create a Pokestop without a level 38 account? The answer is yes.

Even if you do not have a level 38 account, you can still create a pokestop in a legal way. If you do not have a level 38 account but still want to create a pokestop, then you can do so with the help of your friend who has a level 38 account.

Now the developers of Pokemon Go have made the process of creating a new pokestop very easy due to which now you can create a pokestop without having to go to the location where you want to create a pokestop.

To create a pokestop without a level 38 account, you will have to take the help of your friend who has a level 38 account. When you find a friend who has a level 38 or higher account, you have to give your friend a satellite map image of that location where you want to create a pokestop, along with that, you also have to give a normal photo and a wide-angle photo of that place to your friend.

When your friend gets these three photos, he can apply to create a new pokestop by uploading those three photos from his level 38 account without going to that place. After some time after applying, a new pokestop will be created there.

In the above-mentioned way, you can create a pokestop in absolutely legal way even without a 38 level account.

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