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How to Get Free Cube Cruiser Glider in Fortnite?

At present, the Cube Cruiser Glider is available for absolutely free in Fortnite, for which you will have to complete some tasks. In this article, we will tell you how you can get the Cube Cruiser Glider.

To get Cube Cruiser Glider for free, you’ll need to complete all 5 stages of the Dark Jonesy punch card.

1 Stage

In the first stage, you have to go to the IO Basis present in the map and collect the scrolls. To complete this stage, you have to collect 2 scrolls, for which you have to collect the scrolls from 2 IO bases by following the mark of IO bases present in the map.

2 Stage

To complete the second stage of the Dark Jonesy Punch Card, you’ll need to collect the spirit vessel using the Shadow Stone. To grab the Shadow Stone, you’ll need to go to the Weeping Woods location where you’ll find the Shadow Stone. By using shadow stone you have to convert into shadow after which you will get spirit vessel around the same location.

3 Stage

In the third stage you have to touch the cube which is a very easy task. You will find the cubes present in Fortnite in the very middle of the map, where you have to touch the cube.

4 Stage

To complete the fourth stage, you have to destroy the corruption cluster and corruption fragments. To complete this task, you have to follow the marks present in the map where you will get to see Corruption Clusters and Fragments. After destroying the corruption clusters and fragments, your fourth stage will be completed.

5 Stage

To complete the final stage of Dark Jonesy, you’ll have to return the spirit vessel collected in the second stage to the Oracle and listen to his vision. Here Oracle itself is Dark Jonesy, to reach Dark Jonesy, you will have to go to the steamy stacks location and talk to Dark Jonesy. After the conversions with Dark Jonesy, you’ll get the Cube Cruiser Glider.

So using the guide above, you can complete the stages of the Dark Jonesy punch card and get the Cube Cruiser Glider.

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