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Is Pochinki Remastered Coming in PUBG Mobile/BGMI 1.7 Update?

If you play PUBG PC and if you have read the patch note of the upcoming 14.1 update in the game, then you must have been very happy to read that patch note. Because one such thing is going to come in the 14.1 update, about which the players of PUBG PC are very excited at the moment.

Actually, recently the test server of 14.1 update of PUBG PC has gone live and in this test server, players got to see the remastered version of pochinki. Pochinki is the most popular and dangerous place in the Erangel map because pochinki is the only place that has a lot of good loot and now after 14.1 update there will be many changes in pochinki.

Pochinki Remaster Details

Pochinki is the most special place in the Erangel map because most of the players present in the match like to land at pochinki. Apart from being the most popular drop location, this location is very dangerous as well because the number of players in pochinki at the start of the match. There is also a reason for updating Pochinki that if a player lands in a pochinki then his chances of escaping from there will increase.

According to the patch note, we will get to see many new things in the new pochinki which includes new waterway, new fences, and new cover, although all these are small changes but the biggest change of pochinki remastered has been done to the church present in pochinki, which you can see in the image below.

PUBG, Pochinki Remastered

14.1 After the update the church in pochinki will be completely changed which you can see in the image above. In the update, the church has been completely revamped, due to which the size of the church has also increased slightly. You get to see a lot of loot in the brand new church and along with that you will also get to see a basement in the church which you can see in the photo below.

PUBG, Pochinki Remastered 2

This basement looks normal but a secret room is hidden in this basement. This secret room has been made in such a way that if you do not know about that room beforehand, then you will pass near that room, yet you will not know that any room exists there. You can see this secret room of the church and the location of the room in the image below.

PUBG, Pochinki Remastered 1

After the official release of the 14.1 update, the remastered version of pochinki will come to PUBG PC, but will we get to see the remastered version of pochinki in PUBG Mobile and BGMI also? We think that the remastered version of pochinki will definitely come to PUBG Mobile and BGMI as well. Although this update may take some time to arrive, but the chances of it coming are very high.

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