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Minecraft New Mob Glare Complete Details

We all love the blocky world of Minecraft, in which we get to see a virtual world which is so beautiful that we cannot stop ourselves from considering this virtual world as real. This beautiful world of Minecraft would have seemed barren to us if mobs had not been put in it.

Mobs mean different types of creatures in which all living things like animals to zombies include. New mobs are added from time to time in Minecraft to give players an enhanced experience, and today we will talk about one such new mob named Glare.

Actually, recently a video was released on the official social media handles of Minecraft, in which Glare mob has been introduced. Actually, this Glare mob is the first candidate for voting in the upcoming Minecraft Live event.

Actually every year an event called Minecraft Live is organized in which details about new things coming in Minecraft are given. In this event, many new mobs are introduced, but out of all of them, only that mob is added to the game which has got the most votes by the people.

This time 3 mobs are coming in Minecraft Live, of which Glare is the first mob. Looking at the video, it looks like Glare is a floating mob which means that it can fly. It has been told in the trailer that we can keep this mob with us, which means that maybe we can train this mob.

According to Mojang, Glare is a very useful mob because you can take it to any dark place or cave, where this mob alerts you to other mobs that appear in the dark. Actually, when you take Glare to a dark place, it starts getting grumpy, and even before any dangerous mob appears in the dark, Glare starts warning you about it.

There are different levels of Glare being grumpy because when you take it in the dark it is grumpy in the first 10 seconds in a regular way but if after 10 seconds you still do not turn on the light then it starts blowing an air horn. If you do not listen to Glare even after the air horn and do not turn on the light, then it starts playing cymbals loudly.

If you want, you can vote for Glare in the upcoming Minecraft Live, which is going to be held on the 16th. Did you like Glare? Do tell by commenting in the comment box below.

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