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PUBG Mobile/BGMI: How to Complete Tactical Drill Event and Claim SCAR-L Epic Skin, Riot Force Set, and Riot Force Cover

For a few days, it seems that now PUBG Mobile and BGMI are trying to compete with its competitor Free Fire because from a few days, just like Free Fire, some free rewards are being given in PUBG Mobile and BGMI too.

If you are playing PUBG Mobile then you must know that at present a new event called Tactical Drill has started in PUBG Mobile. If we talk about the duration of this event, then this event is going to run from 29 September to 3 November. Although at present this event has come only in PUBG Mobile but very soon this event is likely to come in BGMI also.

If we talk about rewards, then in Tactical Drill Event you will get to see total 3 rewards which include SCAR-L Epic Skin, Riot Force Set, and Riot Force Cover. These three rewards are permanent i.e. once claimed, they will remain in your inventory forever.

How to Complete Tactical Drill Event?

It is very easy to complete this event. First of all, you have to click on any one reward, after which click on the Activate button given below, keep in mind that once you activate any item, you will not be able to activate any other item for 72 hours.

As soon as you activate any item, that item will come into your inventory but that item will not be permanent, if you want to make that item permanent then you will have to complete some tasks.

Tactical Drill Event

Whenever you activate any item, the task section of that item will open, which you can see in the image given above. For example, if you have activated Riot Force Set and you want to make Riot Force Set permanent, then you have to complete the tasks of Riot Force Set which you can see in the above image. As you complete the tasks, you will get “Tactical Points”. You will need 120 Tactical Points to make the Riot Force Set permanent.

Like the example given above, you will be able to claim all three items for free permanently.

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