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BGMI Lite Latest Official Updates

The community of PUBG Mobile Lite is very big and you must be aware that after the arrival of BGMI, the community of PUBG Mobile Lite also wanted that BGMI Lite should also be released.

When there was no update about BGMI Lite from the developer until some time after the release of the BGMI game, the PUBG Mobile Lite community made a lot of efforts to bring back BGMI Lite including signing petitions, running hashtags, and running campaigns on different social media.

The campaign run by this huge community of PUBG Mobile Lite is now reaching Krafton’s ears too, which effect is now visible to us. In fact, recently a poll was put on the official discord server of BGMI in which it was asked (why do you need (want) BGMI Lite Version?). You can see this poll in the picture below.

BGMI Lite Official Update

Four choices are also given with the question, by selecting which players can answer this question.


1. I can’t play BGMI on my low-end device.

Most of the players have selected this option because players say that BGMI is not working properly in their low-end device i.e. it is lagging and that is why they need Lite version of BGMI.

2. I can play BGMI, but i’ll have better frame rates and performance in Lite version on my device.

3. I spent money in Lite version and want to transfer my data/inventory

This is also a big reason for the demand to bring back BGMI Lite, because a lot of PUBG Mobile Lite players have invested a lot of their money in PUBG Mobile Lite and they have a lot of premium items lying in the inventory of the game which is now waste.

4. I like the maps and skins in Lite version

If you have played the game PUBG Mobile Lite, then you must have known that in comparison to PUBG Mobile, different maps were seen in PUBG Mobile Lite, which many PUBG Mobile Lite players like very much.

Out of these four options, the option that players have voted the most is option number 1, that is, most players want BGMI Lite because BGMI is not working properly on their devices.

With this official update, it has been confirmed that Krafton aspires to meet the growing demand from the PUBG Mobile Lite community and BGMI Lite is going to come in the future. If you also want to cast your vote in this official poll, then you can vote by visiting the official Discord server of BGMI.

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