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Cash 2021 Movie Review

Bollywood’s brand new film Cash has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar, in this article, we will tell you whether this movie represents something new or not. If we talk about the length, then the length of this film is about 1 hour and 57 minutes, and this film is based on the incident of demonetization in India.

The story of this film revolves around a character named Arman. Arman’s dreams are shown very big in the film, according to which Arman wants to become CEO and earn a lot of money. Arman does many businesses to earn a lot of money but all those businesses are drowned but then demonetization is announced in which Arman sees a golden opportunity to earn money. To know whether Arman is able to earn money with the help of demonetization or not, you will have to watch the movie Cash.

If we review this movie in one line, then this is a movie that you would love to watch with popcorn just for entertainment.

If we talk about the plus point of this film then in this film, an attempt has been made to repeat the same type of situation as it happened during demonetization in India. The comedy will also be seen in the film although it will not be over the top. If we talk about acting, then Amol Parashar has done a good acting in the film and along with that Kavin Dave’s acting in the film was also very good. Despite the low budget of this film, the production value and cinematography of the film were good.

If we talk about the negative points, then the situation created by demonetization has been shown well in this film, but the effect on the common people due to demonetization has not been shown with depth on a serious note. The second negative point of this film is the songs of the film because all the songs shown in this film seem to have been forcefully inserted in the film.

Overall Cash movie is an average movie in 2021 which you can watch for entertainment. If we talk about parental guidelines, then there is nothing vulgar or offensive in this film, due to which you can sit and watch this film with your family.

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