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Clash of Clans December 2021 Gold Pass Hero Skin Full Details

The month of December is about to come and with that, in Clash of Clans, the skin of a brand new hero is also going to come in the Gold Pass of the month of December. Like every time, this time also we will predict which hero skin we are going to get in the Gold Pass of December 2021 and which will be that skin.

We have two strong possibilities regarding the skin of the upcoming hero. The first possibility is that we can get to see the skin of the Queen in the Gold Pass of December 2021 because in the previous three seasons we got the skin of Gladiator Champion, Warden Master, and The Golem King, which means in the last three seasons we got skins of three heroes other than Queen, that’s why we can get the Queen’s skin in the Gold Pass of December 2021.

If we talk about the pattern, then according to the pattern, the queen’s skin is always released after the king’s skin and this time also the chances of it happening are very high.

The second possibility is that the Gold Pass of December 2021 may include a Grand Warden skin, one of the reasons being that the next season will bring a winter theme to the game, which clearly means that the next hero skin may also be related to the winter theme. Talking about the winter theme-related skin set, apart from Grand Warden, all other heroes’ skins have come, which includes skins of Jolly King, Ice Queen, and Winter Champion. At the moment, Grand Warden is the only hero who does not have winter theme skin, and to complete the set of winter theme-related hero skin it is necessary to have Grand Warden winter skin.

Out of Grand Warden and Queen skins, Queen’s skin is more likely to come in Gold Pass of December 2021, because according to the pattern, the queen’s skin is always released after the king and till date, it has never happened that Clash of Clans has broken this pattern.

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