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Clash Quest November 2021 Update Complete Details

The Clash Quest game was released about 6 months ago in April 2021. Although this game of Supercell was released only in selected countries, that is, this game has not been released globally at present. Players are enjoying this game in the countries where this game has been soft-launched, although now players of Clash Quest are going to have more fun in the game as Supercell has revealed the details of the upcoming November 2021 update of the game.

Supercell recently released the patch note for the November month update of the game on Clash Quest’s official Reddit account. The patch note is very long and detailed information related to the update has been given in this patch note, but in this article, we will only cover the major features of this update which is very important for you to know. If you want to read the full patch note, then you can visit the official Reddit account of Clash Quest.

Major Changes

New Troops

The highlight of this update is the brand new troop coming in the game named Bomb Miner. The special thing about Bomb Miner is that this troop goes to the enemy and plants a bomb and in a short time that bomb explodes. If we talk about damage, then the damage given by Bomb Miner is splash damage. If we talk about Bomb Miner of level 10, then the attack area of level 10 Bomb Miner is of 358 and health is of 709.

New Defense Troops

If we talk about the defense troop, then the name of the first defense troop to come in the update is Dune Dragon. This troop is also very powerful as it stays underground and attacks your troops.

If we talk about Second Defense Troop, then its name is Scared Skelly. This defense troop can give you some tough time as it wears a helmet, due to which the effect of your attack on it is less. Scared Skelly attacks you with the bone it has.

New Bosses

Clash Quest has added a new troop as well as a new boss named Bone Bros in this update. It is a kind of dog which is made of skeletons. Bone Bros loves bones, due to which he keeps on consuming the bones that appear on the map. When a Bone Bros consumes a bone, he changes his attack. The attack of these dogs is very dangerous because these dogs attack the entire line of your troops and after the attack, your troops go numb for a while.

After the update, another boss will also enter into the game named Volt Viper. You will find the Volt Viper in the Shock Shores Arena. From the name of this boss, we can guess how this boss will be, Actually, it is a viper snake which gives electric shocks. To destroy this snake, you have to target the tesla coil because none of your attacks on its head will work.

New Spell

After the update, you will also get to see a brand new spell in the game which will be the Earthquakes spell. If you have played Clash of Clans or Clash Royale game then this spell must be familiar to you. With the help of this spell, you can target both vertical and horizontal lines. This spell will be useful to you when you need to clear up your opponent’s buildings.

New Book

In this update, we will get to see a brand new book named Switch book. With the help of this book, you can switch your troops, that is, with the help of this book, you can control the spawn of your troops.


The feature you were eagerly waiting for is going to be included in the game soon because now all Clash Quest players can form a clan. It is obvious that when you create a clan, you would also like to discuss with your clan members, so after the November update, you will be able to create a clan and chat with your clan members.

Like every popular game from Supercell, this game will also include Clan Leagues, which lets you get tons of rewards in the game. This game’s clan league system and leaderboard system are similar to other Supercell online games. If we talk about the duration, then the clan league will run for 7 days and like the normal league, the players will also get daily rewards in the clan league.

In terms of challenges, in Clan League, players will be able to participate in a total of 3 types of challenges including dungeon stage, single-stage, and bosses. When you complete the bosses stage, you’ll get more points and loot.

Magic Items

A total of 5 new magic items will be added to Clash Quest after this update.

  • Restart Token: With the help of this item you can get a set of new troops.
  • Shuffle Dice: This magic item will prove to be a plus point for you because with the help of this item you can re-arrange the combos of your troops.
  • Missile Wand: With the help of this item, you can target any 3 defense troops on the map.
  • Summoning Bell: This item lets you shuffle your troop in the arena.
  • Undo Clock: As the name of this item suggests, this magical item lets you undo the previous move.

This was all the important stuff that you’re going to get in the November update of Clash Quest.

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