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Free Fire: Otho Character Ability and Release Date

If you stay updated with the news related to Free Fire, then you will be aware that after this OB update, 2 new characters were going to come in the game, but currently, the OB update has been released and we haven’t got to see any characters yet. However, the Otho character has been released on many other Free Fire servers.

In this article, we will tell you about the capabilities of the brand new Otho character. If we talk about the profile of Otho, then Otho is a Memory Tech Engineer because of which this character has a lot of technical skills. This character has a tremendous ability that will be of great use to you.

Memory Mist – Passive

Otho has a passive ability called memory mist. Actually, whenever you kill any enemy during the match, your character’s ability will be activated and you will get to see the location of other enemies present in the minimap around the place where you have killed the enemy. After this ability of yours is activated, along with you, the location of the enemies will also be visible in the minimap of your teammates.

However, the locations of enemies are only visible to a limited range and that range will increase with the level of your character. You will be able to upgrade this character to level 6 and at level 6 you will be able to detect the locations of enemies up to a range of 50 meters. If you want to see the level-wise range of character then you can see below.

Lv.1 – 25
Lv.2 – 30
Lv.3 – 35
Lv.4 – 40
Lv.5 – 45
Lv.6 – 50

There is no doubt that the ability of the Otho character is tremendous. If you want to take maximum benefit of Otho character’s ability then you can play clash squad because arena size is very less in clash squad due to which you can easily find the locations of many enemies.

If we talk about the release date, then this character has been released on other server but this character is not released on the Indian server yet. At present, it has not been confirmed by Free Fire when this character will be released on Indian servers.

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