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Free Fire Top 5 Best Pets for Clash Squad and Battle Royale Rank Push

For Free Fire players, their pet is very important because due to the pet, they get an extra edge in their game. Actually, there are many pets present in Free Fire and all those pets have different abilities, which directly benefit the players. If you want to play Free Fire in an effective way then pet is very important for you because a good pet has the ability to turn the game around.

If you also want to choose a good pet in Free Fire but you are confused that which pet is good for you then this article is for you only. Because in this article we will tell you about the top 5 best pets, using which your gameplay will be very effective. You can use the pets covered in this article to push ranks in Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes.

5. Spirit Fox and Panda

Spirit Fox and Panda

We have kept 2 pets at the position of number 5 for this reason because both of these pets provide health, that is, your HP will be increased by using both the pets.

Sprit Fox: When you use any med kit with Sprit Fox you will get an extra 10 HP i.e. when you use any medkit you get 75 HP, but with Spirit Fox your HP will increase to 85 HP.

Panda: Panda also gives you 10 HP extra but to get an extra 10 HP from Panda you have to eliminate the enemy. Whenever you eliminate an enemy, Panda will give you 10 HP. If you kill 10 enemies in a match, Panda will give you 100 HP.

4. Rockie Pet

Free Fire Rockie Pet

If you keep changing characters often, then this pet is absolutely for you because this pet decreases the cooldown time of any active skill character by 15%. For example, Alok’s cooldown time is 45 seconds but if you use Rockie Pet then Alok’s cooldown time will decrease to 39 seconds. If you use the Chrono character then this pet can prove to be a must-have for you because the Chrono character has a cooldown time of 220 seconds but Rockie pet reduces that cooldown time to 187 seconds.

3. Mr Waggor Pet

Mr Waggor Pet

If you use Gloo Wall a lot during the match, then Mr Waggor pet can be the best for you because this pet gives you a Gloo Wall in 100 seconds. This pet is very useful at the end of the battle royale match because at the end of the match the players need the most protection and Mr Waggor pet fulfills that need of the players by giving Gloo Wall.

2. Dreki Pet

Dreki Pet Skin

With the help of Dreki Pet, you can spot the enemies around you. Actually, If any enemy within a range of 30 meters around you uses the medkit, then you can easily spot those enemies with the Dreki Pet. This pet simultaneously spots about 4 enemies for 5 seconds. You can use this pet in any mode.

1. Beaston Pet

Free Fire Beaston Pet

This is a great pet and this pet is useful for almost everyone. With the Beaston pet, you can increase the throwing distance of grenades and other bombs by up to 30%. With the help of this pet’s ability, you will be able to make grand throws from a distance, due to which you can also eliminate the entire squad of the opponent.

These were the top 5 best pets that you can use to push up the ranks in Clash Squad as well as in battle royale mode.

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