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How to Complete Booyah Day Event in Free Fire? | How to Complete Booyah Go Event in Free Fire?

The good news for the players who were waiting for the Booyah Day event is that the Booyah Day event has finally started in Free Fire. In this article, we will tell you how you can complete this event and how you can get the rewards given in this event.

When you open the Booyah Day event, the interface of this event will come in front of you, in which you will be able to see different options.

Login Rewards

In the Login Rewards of this event, you are going to get a brand new character for free whose name is Leon. To get the Leon character, you will have to login to the game on November 20.

Daily Login

In Daily Login you will get the crates, after opening which you will get Booyah Dice tokens.

Booyah Store

In Booyah Store we will get to see two sections Classic and Premium out of which Classic Store includes Parachute Skin, Banner, Surfboard Skin, Gun Crates, Bet Skin, and other General Rewards, and Premium Store has a Diamond Royale Voucher, a Weapon Royale Rewards include a voucher, Monster Truck skin, and a Female Bundle. You will not be able to exchange the rewards present in Booyah Store before 20th November i.e. you will be able to claim the rewards present in Booyah Store after 20th November

Booyah Shoot

At present this event has not started i.e. this event is currently locked.

Booyah Unleashed

Like the Booyah Shoot event, the Booyah Unleashed event is also locked.

Booyah Go

First of all, let us tell you that to get all the rewards offered in Booyah Store, you will need Booyah Head tokens and to get Booyah Head tokens you have to complete Booyah Go event.

In the Booyah Go event, you will get to see a mini-board game-like interface in which 2 characters will be seen. To roll Dice in this mini-game you must have Booyah Dice tokens and you will be able to get Booyah Dice tokens by Daily Login rewards and gameplay. After collecting Booyah Dice tokens you have to click on “Roll” button given in the mini-game of Booyah Go. As soon as you click on the “Roll” button, your Dice will start rolling and according to the number in your Dice, 2 characters present in the game will start moving forward.

As your characters progress, you will get Booyah Head tokens and Booyah Dice tokens. Even if you complete the first lap, there will still be a lot of tokens and rewards left on the board that you will have to start the second lap to get.

In this way you can complete the Booyah Day event.

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